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about ns

ns aims to promote the principles and practice of democratic enterprise, common ownership, co-operation and community control within the social economy.
In particular, it will promote enterprises whose governance, management and ownership are characterised by democratic and participative structures at employee, community and member levels.

ns seeks to achieve its mission by:
• regularly publishing its magazine and additional material via the internet
• exploring the issues affecting the social economy in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
• demonstrating how democracy and participation can empower and harness the skills and energies of employees, members, communities and other stakeholders
• spreading learning and good practice demonstrated by enterprises and support organisations at local, regional, national and international levels
• exploring how community and co-operative enterprises can contribute to the creation of a richer society, combating social exclusion.

ns is a joint venture between
• Community Business Scotland Network
• Community Enterprise Ltd
• Co-operatives UK
• Co-operative and Community Finance
• Developmen Trusts Association Scotland
• Plunkett Foundation
• Senscot
• Social Economy Agency Northern Ireland
• Wales Co-operative Centre
The members would welcome the involvement of other organisations and individuals.


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