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marketing opportunities in ns

ns is an excellent medium for advertising events, services and opportunities specifically targeted at people involved in the social economy, social enterprise, co-operatives, community economic development and neighbourhood renewal.
ns is read by people in social enterprises, community businesses and co-operatives and by people in organisations that help to set them up. Readers also include people working in local authorities, national government, development agencies and voluntary organisations, especially in the areas of economic development, social services, regeneration and funding.
The current print run is 2000 copies. The majority of these are dispatched directly to subscribers. A few are available at relevant conferences and other events.
The magazine is published six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December. The website is updated every month.
ns is published as a joint venture by Co-operatives UK, Community Business Scotland Network, Wales Co-operative Centre, Social Economy Network (Northern Ireland) and the Plunkett Foundation.

magazine advertising rates
(september 2007)

Full page (to bleed)
£860 + VAT
210 x 297 (+ 4mm bleed top, bottom and one side)
Full page
£820 + VAT
190 x 269mm
Half page
£420 + VAT
92 x 269mm (portrait) 190 x 132mm (landscape)
Third page
£295 + VAT
60 x 269mm (portrait) 190 x 86mm (landscape)
Quarter page
£220 + VAT
92 x 132mm (portrait) 190 x 63mm (landscape)

Subscribers receive a 10 per cent discount on these rates.
There is a series discount of 10 per cent for bookings in three consecutive issues.
For listing in events section in magazine and on website: £35 + VAT, Free to subscribers.

To have leaflet inserted in each copy: £375 + VAT (for one A4 sheet, price for larger documents depends on weight)

Website advertising rates
Listing (for up to 2 months) £35 + VAT, free to subscribers
Display advert (for up to 2 months) £70 + VAT
Display advert (for each additional month) £20 + VAT
Jobs, tenders and opportunities
Listing (for up to 2 months) £35 + VAT, free to subscribers
Consultancy, training and other services
Listing (for 6 months) £90 + VAT
Listing (for 12 months) £140 + VAT
Display advert (for 6 months) £180 + VAT
Display advert (for 12 months) £280 + VAT

50% discount off website advertising for running same advertisement as in magazine.

For further information and to book advertisements contact David Parker or Sarah Louise Taylor 0191 375 0101 or email