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new co-operative
To coincide with the relaunch, the publishing company has changed its structure and governance. The original company with charitable status set up in 1992 has been converted into an industrial and provident society for the benefit of the community.

new members
The main reason for the change is to open up membership to more individuals and organisations. For the last 13 years New Sector has been published as a joint venture between a few ‘like-minded’ organisations. The current members are very keen to involve others, including individual readers.

We want to build a strong and supportive community of interest around the magazine. Members can influence the strategic direction of the business by taking part in general meetings and elections to the board of directors. We also encourage members to make suggestions for articles and topics to research.

new investors
To become a member you must invest a minimum of £200. You may invest more than £200, and we very much hope many members will. Community and Co-operative Publishing Ltd is a democratic and mutual society where all members have an equal say regardless of the number of shares owned.

Buying shares in the society is a good way of supporting the mission of ns and the values it promotes. We are relying on a significant investment from members to build a strong publishing business.

To become a member please click here to download the application form, complete it and return it with your cheque to the address on the form.


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